ONLINE – Sept. 2020 – Aug. 2021 – ONE YEAR TOWARDS SUCCESS

September 2020 – August 2021

Bernard Hiller


12 steps to becoming a working actor

Premier Hollywood acting coach, Bernard Hiller, is providing his first One Year Online Program for actors and artists interested in having an international career. -Learn the latest film acting technique. Overcome your obstacles and have a career that will last a lifetime! Learn the latest film acting techniques and discover how to overcome all your blocks and fears.
Bernard’s revolutionary acting methods have helped actors achieve successful careers in Hollywood and around the world. We are looking for 20 highly committed, passionate, artists from all over the world (all the students have to speak and understand english) to form an exclusive class where you will study 3 days a week for one week each month with one of the most important acting coach in Hollywood. You will be admitted through an interview process.

Every month you will study a different chapter to become the actor you where born to be.

International guests will take part to the course: directors, casting directors, agents and actors from all over the world.

The course will be hold on ZOOM and if you will be part of the class, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose two classes to which attend by person amongst the ones Mr. Hiller will give all over the world. If you are interested you have to send your cv, pictures, showreel to
We will call you back for a first zoom audition and then for a final call back
(last week of August) with Mr. Hiller.


SEPTEMBER: 14 \ 15 \ 16
OCTOBER: 20 \ 21 \ 22
NOVEMBER: 18 \ 19 \ 20
DECEMBER: 16 \ 17 \ 18
JANUARY: 20 \ 21 \ 22
FEBRUARY: 17 \ 18 \ 19
MARCH: 17 \ 18 \ 19
APRIL: 21 \ 22 \ 23
MAY: 19 \ 20 \ 21
JUNE: 16 \ 17 \ 18
JULY: 14 \ 15 \ 16
AUGUST: 6 \ 7 \ 8

5 – 11 PM (Rome time) 8 AM – 2 PM (Los Angeles time)
• The dates could change just in case of sudden commitments of Mr.
• Mandatory frequency. Justified absence only in case of work commitments proved by a working contract. In that case you’ll have the chance to retrieve the session you lost with a private lesson with Mr. Hiller.


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